by Penny Maier
88 colorful drawings with insightful sayings and affirmations
Book size 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches.

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Spirit of Water
A short time after being activated to Galactic Healing energies, I began drawing the Beings; the first was Aileahna. I donít know if she is the same Being that brought the healing symbols to our teacher and creator of Galactic Healing (Shelly Kaehr Ph.D.); but she is a Blue Being. I didnít know who I was drawing, but when I finished, I asked who this was and was told ďAileahnaĒ A stream of wonderful Beings presented their energies thereafter. It didnít really hit me that these Beings might be true ethereal energies until one of our friends was having an MRI and saw my Being for Healing around her during the procedure.
It is my belief that these Beings have come forth to help humans with the vibrational expansion and shift. These are heart centered teachings which touch your heart and send the vibrations out to the cosmos. Raising the vibration of ourselves raises Gaiaís vibration. The potential is enormous; it all depends on you and what you send out to the universe.
I have included short sayings and intentions for each Being, but we expect you to take their teachings much further. Meditate with each
one. Always intend that the information you are given be for your highest good. Ask that the energies sent be at a pace your body can handle. They get excited when you finally ask and want to give too much at once. You are powerful Beings with unrealized potential. Have fun with the lessons they give you. The earth system is very precious to the cosmos. You are dearly loved for your participation in this Great Experiment.
Although I have captured these images in a single moment, these Beings exhibit a wonderful dance of light, ever moving, forever changing. Follow their movements in the stories they tell and feel the emotions they bring out in you.